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Thursday, August 03, 2006


Today... I became a PIG!!
U know y??
Cuz i was sweating like a pig the whole day!!!!!
What is WRONG with this weather and Energy saving!!
This morning i woke up kinda late (actually i couldnt sleep....)
but i could still make for the class on time before this!
I was looking for ma keys but i couldn't find it!!!
I was looking all over like 20 mins...so i sweated like a pig!!!
Anyway i was so late so i gave up and just left without keys..
Of course i was late for the class so i was running..
The school escalator did not work so i had to walk up to the 3rd floor..

N then finally i arrived and guess what!!
the classroom was so hooooooooot!! so i became a pig again...
And Today we went to SVA......... u know what im talking about...
The show was cool though...the painting and stuff were cool!
I really wanted to paint again...
If i have a chance i wanna take the summer studio for painting..

So So sosososo hot day~
Oink Oink:P


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