2006 Amy's

Sunday, August 06, 2006

First Video~!!!!

So Proud of it!!!!
Fighting hiro ho chen!!!
Gam ba te!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Today... I became a PIG!!
U know y??
Cuz i was sweating like a pig the whole day!!!!!
What is WRONG with this weather and Energy saving!!
This morning i woke up kinda late (actually i couldnt sleep....)
but i could still make for the class on time before this!
I was looking for ma keys but i couldn't find it!!!
I was looking all over like 20 mins...so i sweated like a pig!!!
Anyway i was so late so i gave up and just left without keys..
Of course i was late for the class so i was running..
The school escalator did not work so i had to walk up to the 3rd floor..

N then finally i arrived and guess what!!
the classroom was so hooooooooot!! so i became a pig again...
And Today we went to SVA......... u know what im talking about...
The show was cool though...the painting and stuff were cool!
I really wanted to paint again...
If i have a chance i wanna take the summer studio for painting..

So So sosososo hot day~
Oink Oink:P


Originally uploaded by miaong13.

My RuRu..
I now u r kind of angry at me..
cuz i just put Henry's pics..
Sorry honey~
but u are the one who dont like to taken pictures..

My lovely RuRu..
Always want someting~

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Did i tell u that iam going to PARIS after SOPIS?!!
i finally decided it and purchased the ticket!!
Iam so happy now...cant wait to get this done...

and this is ma Henry again..
sleeping in ma knee..


What is wrong with this HOT CARZY HUMID Weather...
I think this is the Hottest summer i have ever been..
Oh my GOD..
I walked from school to east village which is only 7-8 blocks away
but i got sort of sunburn in ma shoulder..
God...i feel like iam in Jamica or somewhere...
I usually dont open the air condition a lot to save money
but i can not stand it without air conditioner..
My apartment is even more hotter so
everything is melting....
My kittys are melting as well as me...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

soooooooooooooooo tired...

I am soooo tired this week..
My place is in total mess but i dont hav time to clean..
and of course dont have energy either...
Today i came at home around 8 o'clock..
And u know What???????????????????
My ceilling had fallen down to the floor!!!
Oh my GOD!!!!
There was too much water leaking from upstairs so the ceilling just fell..
I really wanna cry...
I want to move...............
My place is falling a part!!!


Henry's Tooth..
So cute...It's soooo tiny it looks like a small dot..
I took while he was sleeping..
hhhh cuz usually he doesnt like that-

Monday, July 31, 2006

This March..

This Spring before i gain 5Kg...
And ma lonnnng permed hair...
I miss that time..my hair,skin,body.. everythings....
With my best friend Tori in ma favorite brunch place Le pain...
Tori went to Seoul now...so i miss her too~

Oh my..

I can't believe we only have 2 more weeks from now..
I am happy and sad at the same time..
I think my section is the best section from Sopis..hhh
We had so much fun together!!!
This pic is from Yakitori with Makiko, Chen and Haneka-
We did not hav drinks (except me...T.T) but it was nice to seeing u all guys~
I hope we will all keep in touch-
Or we can still see each other from this Blog~
I hope i can leave with lots of good memorises...
In order to do that we should all passs!!! :)

Friday, July 28, 2006


Thursday, July 27, 2006


This is henry again...
Sometimes i think that i am a human so i sleep like a human :)
And my mommy is taking pictures all the times so i was waken up..
Sweet Dreams......

My lovely baby Henry...
Sometimes he is so cute i just wanna swallow him!!!
Is that nomal?

Girls Talk..

Today after class Yuchen,Haneka,Yuca and I
went to a bar to hav some drinks...
Actually our original intention was to hav some tea but
there were too many people everywhere so we just went to a bar..
Anyway first we just had drinks and stuff but
after a while we got so exciting talking so we stay there
like 2-2:30 hours..(u know...Girls talk....:P)
We talked too much so later our thraot started to hurt..
But..I was fun...

We took pictures with chen camera so i hope she will
post some pixs later...